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Cast and Crew of Finding Hope
Fred J. Hansen Fred J. Hansen, B.C.P., LPC

Your host and the sobriety film's creator is Fred J. Hansen, a Board Certified Psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor, who has spent decades devoting his life to the care and education of those suffering from substance abuse.

Fred is the founder and CEO of Life Management Resources, an outpatient treatment program in Plano, TX. He has extensive experience in working with chemical dependency in a variety of settings – from residential programs, psychiatric hospitals, outpatient treatment programs - and as a gifted counselor working one on one with his patients.

Fred’s work with Daytop Village, the nations largest treatment program, earned him a “Lifetime Achievement” award.
Martin Beck Martin Beck, National Award Winning Film Director

Martin Beck started his directorial career in 1970. Based in Charlotte, NC. He worked primarily on the East Coast from New York to Atlanta to Miami, directing television commercials, documentaries and motion pictures.

In the past 30 years he has directed over 2000 television commercials. Martin has received awards from every major broadcast competition for his work, including the New York Art Directors Show, the Clio and Addy awards, the New York, Houston and Hollywood International Film Festivals. His work has appeared on the NBC Special, The Best TV Commercials.

Martin has also directed national award winning documentaries for the Sterling Research Institute, Ford Motor Company and industrial films for Coca Cola, Wendy's, Shakespeare and Wrangler, to name just a few.

In 1973, Martin directed his first full length motion picture Challenge, which grossed over 20 million dollars. Challenge was produced by the EO Studios of North Carolina and has twice been on Variety's top 50 list. Martin has worked on 17 other films in almost every capacity, from assistant director to production manager, from make-up artist to sound engineer, from associate producer to music supervisor. He directed the motion pictures The Brass Ring and The Manhunter, co-starred as the heavy in Dark Sunday, worked as associate producer on Wolfman and directed and edited Last Game.

Mr. Beck currently lives in Texarkana, TX and is the director of The Actors Studio, an actor’s workshop for young, gifted and aspiring actors and actresses.
Bryan Jefferies Bryan Jefferies, Videographer

Bryan is a resident of Texarkana, TX and the President of Over the Edge Studios, a professional digital and interactive audio production studio. The studio specializes in cinematic productions, broadcast advertising and interactive business presentations as well as an assortment of other video endeavors.

Bryan is an extremely talented musician as well as videographer who provided music and editing talent to the Finding Hope Project.
Marieta Hansen Marieta Hansen, Teleprompt Controller and Script Editor

From the first word Fred entered into the computer, Marieta has been by his side editing, redacting, providing teleprompt control, script development and presentation. Marieta is Fred’s wife of 44 years and has been involved in the treatment business with Fred for all these years. She too was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Daytop Village for her dedication and work with adolescents in treatment. The film would never have been possible without her constant encouragement, support and assistance.
  The Cast

The cast includes dedicated talent who gave of themselves selflessly to make this project a reality. Actors and Actresses include:

Randy Avens
Michael Brown
Meagan Campbell
Cindy Fox
Kimberly Fred
Trent Hanna
Universe Konadu
Dan Melendez
Randy Mills
Ann Nicholas
Frederick Rhodes

Production Assistants:
Katie Cody (Texarkana Unit)
Spencer Fred (Dallas Unit)

The Staff of Life Management Resources who assisted in this production, Christi Nelson and Mark Sheppard.

And many friends who provided an audience during the filming who dedicated their time and energy to make this project a reality.

Thank you all,


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